The truth about ghosts

October 2, 2009

You’ve all heard about ghosts and some of you might even have personal experiences. We’ve learned that ghosts are the spirits of deceased human beings and occasionally animals that have lost their way on their way to the afterlife. Some people even claim that ghosts are a figment of our imagination. The latter category of people often lack full functionality in their brains, as they are deprived of spirituality, the part of our souls that enable us to transcend reality and see manifestations of the metaphysical. The former category isn’t correct either, however.

Spiritual beings are very real in our world, but they have nothing to do with deceased loved ones, nor manifestations of emotions. Instead, as evidenced by several holy scriptures, they are a race of beings, separate from the physical state. If you have a spiritual mind you can, sometimes, see the spiritual residue these beings leave behind. These beings have many names in various cultures. Followers of Yahwe normally refer to them as Angels, while the Buddhist call them devas. The very fact that they are present in all major religions is clear proof that they exist. We just have to understand what they are.

Have you ever had an encounter with a “ghost”? Did you, in said encounter, attempt to engage the “ghost” in any form of communication? According to this site, angels communicate in special manners. Refer to this list when you attempt to engage an angel in a conversation:

  • angels don’t have lips or lungs or tongues (obvious as they are spiritual and not physical beings)
  • they communicate through a kind of telepathy (a must for a being without a larynx)
  • they don’t always use words to convey their messages (they exist on the spiritual plane were words have different meanings than here)
  • angels are by the content of your own mind (i.e. only things that your are conscious of can be communicated)
  • angels cannot impress things upon your mind if they are not within your own realm of experience (you need your spiritual center in order to communicate)
  • angels communications are often likened to conversations with small children, you can only use those words that the child can understand (as words have different meanings) and there is a vast variety of information that the child would simply not yet understand due to the lack of experience
  • angels have to “come down” to the level of human understanding (they are higher beings)
  • angels often communicate in symbols, thus people with the rightly developed symbolic understanding and visual mind for a particular message are often chosen to receive specific angelic imagery (often connected to their spiritual center)

Be aware that angels aren’t necessarily benign. Their agendas are utterly alien to us and we have no way of knowing if their intentions could benefit us, be entirely neutral or be extremely hazardous. Always remember that YOU have the power to cut communications with the angel. He cannot manifest on our plane unless you invite him into your vessel. You simply must refuse to do so. Angels also react badly to different forms of spices, so if possible, engage the angel in the kitchen.

Take care and stay safe.


Welcome to the oasis!

In this space I will do my utmost to present the truth – that is undoubtfully out there – for you to peruse. There is no doubt that the internet has opened a lot of minds, but it is also effective at closing them. Here we will keep an open mind to everything. That’s the key to understanding reality, after all.

I will not provide my personal details, nor my given name. The reason for this will become apparent when the content piles up. A lot of the articles I will be posting will be highly sensitive, and some people will want to silence me. Agents of the New World Order is out and about on the series of tubes and they don’t take kindly to their dirty laundry being hung to dry in public.

I hope you may learn something from this blog and that you do your part in spreading this important information.